Otford Adventures

A community-based project encouraging local families to enjoy the natural beauty of our village by promoting local trails, events and challenges.

Our adventures

Whatever the season, there’s always something to do outdoors. Find all of our events on our calendar.

To start with, we have created a fun-filled map of the village which includes some short facts about local landmarks as well as some mini challenges. We think it’s visually exciting for kids and aims to bring that element of adventure to local walks – or at the very least, reduce little ones’ protests about heading out. It’s not an OS Map and so doesn’t have all roads, paths included but hopefully you won’t get lost!

You can also get a copy of the map from Yvonne’s shop, Denise the Florist, Hall & Co, Pond View Cafe and Ibbett Mosley. We are asking for a small contribution of £2 to cover costs, but note that entrance to Oxenhill Shaw & Meadow is not conditional on purchase of the Otford Adventures Map. 

The Little Rabbit Who Was Afraid of Everything

We also have a specially written story from Silly Moo Stories.

It starts from the end of Tudor Drive; follow the instructions and see where it takes you. 

Feed your imagination

Our vision is to offer a range of adventures at different locations in and around Otford. Maybe you can spot some remaining scarecrows if you make your way through Otford Allotments in July or early August. You can even try out our scavenger hunt.

Challenges and reading

To help create intrigue and magic beyond what nature has to offer, we will put together some challenges and reading suggestions to inspire and excite young minds.

We want to see, hear and read how you have been inspired by Otford Adventures. It could be a song, a den or a drawing.

Whatever it is, please share online #otfordadventures or email us.

We will showcase our top picks at the annual Otford Fete.

Finally, if you need a bit more reading we’ve put together a summertime reading list of books which you may have on your shelf at home. We hope these books and a few suggestions for kids will help create intrigue beyond what nature has to offer around Otford. 

Other challenges and ideas will be added over time.

If you have an idea or would like to be involved, please get in touch otfordadventures@otfordsociety.org.uk

Last but not least, safety advice for parent and carers

We want you and your children to have fun on your adventures. Whether you’re exploring Otford as a family or taking part in one of our activities, we’d like to remind you that:

  • Children need to learn how to keep safe in the great outdoors. Pushing the boundaries is fine, but they’ll need you to judge what is safe and suitable for their age and ability. Otford Adventures takes no responsibility for the safety of your child; we leave that up to you!
  • All of our suggested activities and events take place on public land, and we’d advise you to be mindful of potential hazards such as damaged trees, trip hazards, deep water and poisonous berries or fungi.
  • Our risk assessment outlines a number of potential issues that might arise in the great outdoors. We advise you to read our assessment and decide whether you are willing to accept the level of risk involved.

Don’t forget to follow #otfordadventures to see what other families are doing

Download our fun filled map

[PDF, 2 pages]

Many thanks to local support

This community-based project is reliant on the help of local residents and businesses and we are very grateful to those who have already lent their support and helped launch this community initiative.

The Otford Society for encouraging us to start this project, for their financial support and for making room for us on this website.

Silly Moo Stories for creating our special Oxenhill story, ‘The little rabbit who was afraid of everything’.

Learn more

Elise Pearse work for her ‘Little rabbit’ illustrations.

Learn more

Down to Earth Trees Ltd for building Oxenhill’s wooden drum kit.

Learn more

Glen Dickinson for designing the Otford Adventures map.

We’re relying on the help of local residents and businesses to make this initiative a success.

If you’d like to help or get involved, please email