About us

The Otford Society is a non-profit making organisation whose members are the residents of Otford.

Otford is a Kent village on the river Darent two miles north of Sevenoaks and twenty-five miles south-east of London.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to preserve, as far as possible, all aspects of Otford’s character and village life and when required, to act as the voice of our community.

Recently re-launched with a new team of trustees, the Society works independently but in tandem with the Otford Parish Council.

Our objectives

Promoting the welfare, happiness and harmony of our community

Helping preserve the fabric of our heritage buildings

Maintaining and retaining the individuality of our village and its countryside

Protecting our countryside from unwanted or insensitive development

Supporting retail, hospitality and micro-businesses operating within the village

We may be a small community but we have a big voice

Our history

The Society was formed in 1973 to represent village interests during the planning of the M26.

It then went on to support and lead a great many other village projects.

The Society also ran a number of successful social events, including the traditional Summer Garden Party, which we hope to revive in 2021.

Our people

The Management Committee of the Society meets monthly to discuss and plan projects.

Its members currently consist of the Society’s six Trustees as well as two non-trustee members.


Rod Shelton

Vice chairman

Jeff Lee

Acting Treasurer

Simon Featherstone


Carol Bent


Phil Clucas


Marianne Bradnock

They have recently been joined on the Committee by Patty Chatterjee and Jenny Kelly. Guests and project leads are also regularly invited to attend and contribute ideas.

We certainly hope that others will now feel able to join this start-out group so that we can draw on a wide pool of talent to carry forward new projects.