Accessibility tool

Our website includes the Accessibility Tool which provides a menu of options that help make our site accessible, including:

  • Keyboard Navigation – you can navigate through the keyboard and enhances keyboard functionality.
  • Disable Animation – you can disable animations.
  • Dark Contrast – you can change the website colours to colours with dark contrast.
  • Monochrome – you can change the website colours to grayscale colours.
  • Change Font Size – you can increase or decrease the font size on the website.
  • Readable Font – you can change the font-family to a more readable font.
  • Mark Titles – you can highlight the titles on the website.
  • Mark Links – you can highlight the links on the website.
  • Links Underline – you can mark all links with an underline.

To use this tool, click on the icon of the blue circle with a white person on the right of the page.

If English is not your first language

Our website uses Google Translate, so you can translate the content into different languages.

You can find the ‘Select Language’ drop down box at the bottom of every page.