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Exceptional Public Meeting – Wednesday 14th February

The Otford Society is refreshing the manner in which it operates. No big changes but more a tidying up on what we do and how we do it. As we have grown over recent years, it has become apparent that our current Constitution may not fully capture the essence of our present focus and activities. In light of this, we hope you will agree that these updates to the Constitution better reflect our values and goals.

To approve these proposed changes, we have to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting. This will be at 7pm on Wednesday 14th February in the Otford Village Memorial Hall. It is really important that you make the effort to attend this brief meeting (glass of wine included) so that we can ratify the revisions to the Constitution.  Your feedback in advance of the meeting is highly encouraged. It means your thoughts can then be taken on board ahead of any discussion. 

Please take the time to review the revised Constitution and forward any comments or suggestions to by 10th February 2024. This will allow us to address your input and make any necessary revisions ahead of the scheduled meeting.

We really value your commitment to The Otford Society. Your contributions to this constitutional update process are important to us. If you are unable to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting, you can consider appointing a proxy to represent your views. Just let the Secretary know by email at