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Otford’s Community Star!

Chairman Rod Shelton was delighted to present the Otford Society’s first Community Star Award at our Annual General Meeting on May 26th. Sue Stephenson is well known to residents for her work in the Parish Office, and for her unstinting support of so many community initiatives. Congratulations Sue! And do keep telling us who in the community deserves recognition; this is to be a quarterly award.

It was wonderful to see so many in the village hall for our first AGM since 2019. We are grateful that more people stepped forward to volunteer for our village projects – THANK YOU. Roger Gough’s talk “Otford – into the Future” gave great insight into the challenges that we face and there were numerous helpful questions and suggestions that we have noted.

Finally, if you haven’t yet signed up for the Society and made your annual donation of just £10 per household, you can do so here.