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Postponement of enquiry into foot level crossing

Due to the non-compliance of their on-site notices, the Planning Inspectorate has had to postpone the scheduled ‘Virtual Inquiry’ set for 4th May 2021. Any representation you may have made to the Inspector will remain on file and be assessed whenever the event resumes.

Campaigners opposing the Network Rail proposals continue their statement:

However, it is very worrying that the Inspector has recommended that the Inquiry continues to remain ‘online’ despite the fact that it cannot reconvene until at least the 9th August 2021 when all current covid restrictions will have been removed. 

Purely digital access to proceedings will heavily favour Network Rail whose breadth of technology will not be matched by local residents, some of whom will be excluded and disenfranchised by lack of equipment, or familiarity with the new technology.

This is patently unfair, and we are petitioning to have a bona fide Public Inquiry that is open to all and held at a local venue… a view shared by our M.P. Laura Trott who states “I sees no reason whatsoever (subject to lockdown restrictions being re-imposed) why the hearing cannot take place in public, rather than virtually, and will make this view very clear to the planning inspectorate’.

If you feel that the Inquiry should be held in public please email Yvonne Oddy at   to let the Inspectorate know your views.

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