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Public Meeting, November 10th

This big public meeting is taking place in the Club Room of the Otford Village Memorial Hall.  A choice of tea, coffee and biscuits will be available from 7pm.  At 7:30 we will give you an update on all the exciting events we have planned for the next six months. And as always we’ll be asking you for your ideas on how to improve on what we are doing to help bring our community together. The bi-annual Superstar Award, chosen from the nominations which you have made, will also be presented.

The highlight of the evening is a presentation from Nigel Britten, ‘Who cares about the Green Belt?’  Nigel is  chair of the Sevenoaks Division of CPRE: the Countryside Charity. With Government pressures to reduce its size and effectiveness this is certainly applicable to our village. Nigel lives locally and is an excellent speaker. We would welcome you to join us and hope to see lots of you there.