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You too could save a life!

Nearly sixty people attended  training sessions run at the Otford Village Memorial Hall on Saturday March 4th. As well as learning how to use the newly installed defibrillator, they all had a chance to practice CPR techniques. The feedback has been immensely positive, best summed up by this message from James, aged 10, a pupil at Otford Primary School.

“Did you know that for every minute that someone’s in cardiac arrest without receiving CPR and having a defibrillator used on them, their chance of survival decreases by 10%?

On the 4th of March I attended the CPR and Defib training run by the Otford Society with my father and younger sister. As one of the youngest people attending I initially felt nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, however the instructors and everybody there made me feel really welcome.

Within ten minutes of the session starting, I had already used the Defib and shown everyone there how straightforward they were to use. Then we split into groups to practice so that everyone could have a go.

I would recommend anyone, at any age to go on a CPR and Defib course, I now feel confident that I would be able to help if the need arises.”

Thank you, James!