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Thank you, Down to Earth!

The Otford Society would like to thank the local people and businesses that have offered their services to Otford Adventures, our community initiative aimed at getting kids excited about being outside, exploring nature as well as offering a close to home adventure for local families. This wouldn’t be possible without their help. Today, we’d like to give a special thanks to Down to Earth , who kindly donated the wooden drum kit which can be found in Oxenhill Shaw & Meadow. This has been a real hit with locals young and old, and we’d encourage anyone that likes to perform or sing to give it a try.  

If you have an idea which could help Otford Adventures, please get in touch with Our fun filled map is available free online and in hard copy from Denise Florists, Hall & Co, The Pond View Cafe, Ibbett Mosley’s and Yvonne’s Shop. We are asking for a donation of £2 to help cover costs.